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Welcome, Perspectives

SuPerspective AKA The Starlight Princess

Welcome to Su's Perspective, my cozy corner of the internet. Here I'll post blogs and stories about, well, really anything. There's no satisfactory definition of what won't be explored, from life lessons to fictional stories.

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SuPerspective Blog is all based on real-life things that I've stumbled across. Things I wanted to share with you.

Feel free to stay awhile and watch all these stories unfold in front of you.

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I quit my job last week...

All I had to do was Google "resignation letter template," and suddenly, I regained any power my employment held over me. I have never...

Creating is Rough

Point blank: Creating is hard when you’re in a spell. From depression, anxiety, self-hatred, a combination of them all. Being a creative...

The Starlight Princess

“ You can’t make people want something. You can persuade them and give them all you have to offer, but you can’t force someone to want....

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