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SuPerspective ~ Su Starlight ~Kyo Sa Nim Su

They say that a woman who has a job, pays her bills, eats healthy, drinks water, and works out at least three times a week is just one inconvenience away from having a mental meltdown. 

And I live by that. 

I'm a golden rainbow baby with no real need to succeed but all the expectations to thrive and be better. I have bipolar disorder, a perfectionist complex paired with the need to please everyone, and the emotional vault of your favorite anime protagonist. And yet I actively choose to get over myself, which is both the healthiest and unhealthiest thing. 

But I love the little things. And there are far more lovely little bits than big awful ones.

Welcome to my little escape. Together we will write wonderfully fanciful stories about a love story that transcended time and space and occasionally bitch-and-moan about a 9-5 job that endlessly tests my all-too-forgiving patience.

SEO Words cause my editor told me too: Young adult, advice, blog, slice of life, lifestyle, uhhh

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