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Hi, I'm Su Perspective

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Was I ever great at talking about myself? No.

hello. it's me. but really close up :3

This is very much out of my comfort zone (as if publishing a whole blog/youtube channel revolving around yourself wasn't grossly out of character enough). It's odd, really. I always had an interest in activities that required you to be somewhat pompous of yourself (public speaking, stage productions, choir, martial arts, etc.), but I struggled immensely in opening up with them.

2016, My junior year of high school. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat

I'm almost like a walking paradox, so to speak. I enjoy talking about myself and some level of attention, but I can't simply bring myself to verbally request them or even stick my neck out for them, almost like a child who scrapped their knee playing. But instead of asking for help, they'd rather show you how it affects them? Because speaking is hard when you have so many thoughts and feelings flooding your minimal but still developing brain.

Hu. I guess that kind of rounds it out then. I like staring in a musical/play and taking the floor in competition because it's a form of expression. So maybe it's not so much that I hate talking about myself; it's just that I haven't figured out how to do it verbatim. So I simply show for it I'm my works of life. From the take-home playbills to the belt I wear along my waist and here in this blog.

Me in between teaching classes. What a babe

So let's get into it.

Hi. My name is Su. I'm 23 years old, Cancer Sun, Taurus Rising, Leo Moon, Year of the Tiger. I am the youngest of 3, though I was raised an only child with two shining stars watching over me. My father is Korean, and my mother is black, making me their golden child ( in both complexion and expectation ). I enjoy things like film and theater because it's a way for me to shamelessly take the stage and self-project onto a character that makes the audiences yearn for that moment of understanding. I earned my 3rd-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, which is my pride and joy because that lets me showcase my beauty, grace, and strength. Plus, it's not an easy thing.

I hope that's a good enough intro and that you stay awhile. I got loads more to share with you, and I can't wait to see what we can create together.

Drink some water, I love you, and I'll see you soon, Fellow Perspective.

Su Young Kim (written 2/7/21 on my break at work)

it was a delicious break too

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