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I quit my job last week...

All I had to do was Google "resignation letter template," and suddenly, I regained any power my employment held over me.

I have never submitted a "two-days notice" before. I thought maybe it was too rude or reckless. I thought, "maybe the standard 2 weeks would be better. I could last that long, right?"

But then I remembered I didn't enjoy working like a mule and my employer's comment about my "experience being insultingly insignificant" to his.

"Two days is more than enough notice," I said aloud to no one, taping my resignation letter to the ex-employers door.

And, I may be young and "insultingly ill experienced," but I am certain of two things: Fish only smell when they've gone bad, and not to overstay your welcome when there's a bed for you at home.

Even though the climate was vulgarly passive-aggressive, I held great hesitation with my decision to leave. It wasn't a secret that I disliked working there, to anyone. Every day was a waltz with the clock. Keeping time in my private pod, tip-tapping my way through the workday was just a rhythmic and repetitive dance. And no one could deny that I hated dancing to the beat of a drum created by a system with little to no concept of time or ethics.

Perhaps that work hall functions for someone else, but I am not that "tiny dancer."

But along with hesitation came great shame as I felt defeat in not being able to overcome being a bad fit for a bad job. Typing it out now makes me recognize how silly that is- but it was horrendously real just over a week ago.

I've always been one to stick things out. Always finish what you started. Some things aren't meant to be completed. Some things aren't meant to be. I can think of many situations where I have stayed for too long, and that's not always a product of "failure.

I'm unemployed, but that doesn't mean I'm "slacking off" or "giving up." I'm working toward something better suited for me and my goals. And if that just means taking more time in "young adult limbo," then fine by me.

Cause I'm currently writing this at the beach with my family, and I couldn't be more hopeful. Terrified. But hopeful.

Written: July 8 - July 19, 2022, throughout celebrating my friend's birthday, watching Star Wars for the first time, and tanning at the beach <3

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