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Is Boredom a Bad Thing?

Boredom, the silent nemesis that can strike even the most accomplished of us. But today, we're diving headfirst into this personal dilemma,  courtesy of a little wisdom from the past.

Mademe De Stael

Madame De Stael, a brilliant centrist politician and prolific writer, once mused, "One must choose in life between boredom and suffering." I know what you're thinking—Madame De Stael, who? But hang on, this quote isn't just a dull history lesson; it's a spark, a key that's about to unlock the dormant interest space in my mind.

Picture this: You've been trudging through life, feeling as lively as a snail in slow motion, from work to martial arts to love, just bored out of your wits. You're doing all the right things, and yes, you're successful, happy, and all that jazz, but gees! Why does it all feel as exciting as watching paint dry? Where did all the excitement of life go? 

That's when the plot twist hits you—you're why it's boring! You’ve grown out of the toxic cycles of your young adult life and you've bloomed onto greener and greater pastures. Do you remember those toxic workplaces and dramatic love affairs? They were like blockbuster movies, right? College film class 101, it's the same recipe. Good stuff, then drama, then more good stuff. It's why Grey's Anatomy keeps going on for eons.

Now you understand why you sometimes revisit that ex who's as complicated as a Rubik's Cube. It's not just you; there's something oddly appealing about chaos, like a moth to a flame.

Me being dramatic in the work parking lot

So, why the radio silence? Why the sudden halt in all things wild and crazy? Well because that excitement is tiring. Exhausting even. You get tired of being the reason you hurt so much and you decide that maybe it’s time to put a stop to your personal pity party. 

And now-  You've got a fantastic career, a great outlet, and a picture-perfect relationship. It's the dream, but it's... well, boring.

Grass will always be greener I guess, Ha….

That's the runt I’ve been in the past year or two. I apologize if it comes off as rude or dare I say ungrateful- truly not my intention. But this is a new lesson in life that puzzles me greatly. The boredom and the mundane are all healthy and I'm not used to healthy living. I spent the better parts of my young adulthood being unhealthy. Chasing men no good for me, seeking out jobs well under my abilities, and seeking validation in places/people that no longer live in my circle. 

This new curve in my life has left me with nothing to report back on. At least nothing that isn’t personal enough for me to dish out on the internet for. Nobody wants to hear about rainbows and butterflies all the time, right? You are here for my rants.

That's your jam, and it's time to jam it up a notch!

Me performing for my life

Fair warning, I’m not going to turn my personal life into a circus for entertainment's sake. I’m simply not that bored. But maybe it's time to venture out of your comfort zone. Perhaps this is the chaos I’ve been needing to keep you entertained. To keep myself entertained.

So, get ready to stir the pot, embrace the whirlwind that is me relearning how to have fun and excitement back into my life without jeopardizing my self-worth. Stay tuned because, my friends, it's time to build excitement in my life without being toxic about it.

Written 11/13/23 During Sunday Night Football

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