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The Starlight Princess

You can’t make people want something. You can persuade them and give them all you have to offer, but you can’t force someone to want. That’s what makes you better, Starlight. You want to be better. You have the drive and the patients for it. Please, don’t waste that. Especially on people who don’t want you.”

Conquensdently, the same night they left, My father told me that. Even still, I wonder if I could have done something differently? If perhaps I could have said something different? Looked at him with more love? More intent? If I had kissed him sooner?... What if I had been something else entirely?

I guess I will never get the chance to know.

My name is Princess Starlight. The daughter of the Desert Sun and the Blue Cosmic; The King and Queen of Luminous. I am the last and only child in my parents’ name, making me the sole heir to Luminous. But, even a royal princess has a right to her primary feelings and struggles. So, as my first and genuine love left with the fall seasons, I felt cold but barely regretful- struggling to find ways to forgive myself for falling in love with a man that never wanted me.

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