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"wHaT i LeArNeD aT kAtSuCoN wAs..."

This past weekend I went to katuscon (as stated in the title of this post). For those of you that don't know- Katsucon is a three day anime convention on the East Coast and hosted at the Gaylord Convention Center in Washington D.C. It's a pretty popular con too. Known for this scenic environment, inspiration cosplayers, and the fact that it's always held near or on Valentines Day. This year was a pretty important Katsucon, to me at least. Because not only was I going with some of my favorite people (My boyfriend, out mutual gremlin friend, and my baby sister) but this was also my first con as an adult. Which means... I had adult money to spend on not so adult things >:)

My Nightwing <3

I always enjoy my cons. Even when I was younger I most always had an enjoyable experience. And I mean, it's kind of hard not too. From the colorful cosplays, to the vast merchant halls, the creative artist ally, and the infant possibilities of events happening through out the weekend! You have to really try to not have a good time (that or go with some really shitty people).

But there was something about this con that just really hit home for me. Through aching feet, spandex wedges, and the occasional wig mishap- I was beaming the whole time. And I think I figured it out:

To get to the point simply, we are all just kids who parade around like we know what maturated is. Simple as that. For 3 days I got to take off my big girl pants and trade them in for a spandex leotard just so i could be a goof ball in public and proudly.

I'm trying to find my point here... OH YEAH!

Have fun dude. Do silly and fun things to entertain your inner child. It's not a bad or shameful or wasteful thing. It's healthy. It's good. It'll make you feel lighter, I promise.

i love you

(written 2/21/22 at work with a con hangover)

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